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Entry requirements – Tourist Registration in Uzbekistan | Travel Guide


Foreign citizens travelling to Uzbekistan, need to know entry requirements. All travellers should be registered by hotels or other licensed places to stay, or need to be registered on an online system called Emehmon whether they need visa or not.


Registration Rules in Uzbekistan 

You must submit documents for registration at the place of residence within 72 hours upon arrival to Uzbekistan. Registration is not necessary if you arrive to Uzbekistan during weekend or holidays if a period of your stay will not exceed three working days. During stay in a hotel your stay will be registered by hotel administration. Upon checking out you should remember of taking the registration form with you stamped by the hotel administration. Registration in Uzbekistan is essential and unavoidable. To enjoy your stay, follow the rules and make sure you are registered.

If you stay in flat or private house then you should be registered via Local Police Department of Registration, so-called (OVIR). Those who issue a Letter of Invitation for you must care about your registration, applying to OVIR for it. This service is chargeable. After filling in necessary forms and paying applicable fees, your passport will be left at the OVIR office for a few days, as it demands a registration process. Just in case keep copy of your passport (make copy of page with an entry visa too) with you at all times.

If you take an overnight train journey, keep the ticket stub or booking confirmation as proof of your whereabouts. If you are camping or staying with friends or at a homestay for more than three nights, you should register at the local OVIR to ensure you (and your hosts) are in the clear.

Punishments for failing to register are applied arbitrarily and you never know if you’ll be the unlucky one. Whilst most people will get away with a few missing registration slips (and may not have them checked at all), some unlucky ones could be even detained for couple of days and fined for up to US$1,500 each for failing to register. The requirement for foreigners to register within three days of arriving in any given place is an irritating overhang from the Soviet period and, even more irritatingly, it is often enforced by the authorities. Unless you have plenty of time and money to throw at extricating yourself from the problem, play it safe.

* Please note that it is illegal to stay at private house with tourist visa. You can stay in private house only with business or visitor visas after having special authorization.

Business Visa holders require special authorization to stay in private homes, which should be obtained prior to arrival in Uzbekistan. Ask your inviting business or organization to help you with this. Without such authorization, you will be required to stay in authorized hotels, where they will register you automatically.


Emehmon system

A new DIY registration system is in use since July 2018. The website is called There is also an Android app. If you do not want to stay in hotels, but couchsurf or camp instead, this is what you should be using. You can also register through a hotel.

The price for registration is around US$1-1,5 per night.



  • Sign up to create an account with a local phone number (it can be any number, you won’t need it except for creating your account)
  • At MY LIST, fill in the form (don’t forget to fill in More Information, it is also necessary). The KPP number doesn’t seem necessary.
  • Once completed you click on the little green circle beside your name in the list and click pay.
  • You have to pay on line with an Uzbek credit card. You will need the help of a local for that.


Uzbek credit cards are linked to a phone number. To confirm the payment, you have to enter a code received at that number. You need to pay within 30 minutes of saving your details, so make sure you have arranged a payment method beforehand.


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